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  • Andrea Gebhardt

    Global Leadership Executive, Javita International



    Prior to being full-time in this profession, Andrea was working 10-12 hour days running a school and raising a family. She was stressed, struggling financially due to student loans, not taking care of herself, and tired. She was tired of struggling, tired of pretending to have it all together, tired of racing against the clock every single day and…just tired of being tired.

    As a result of her involvement in Network Marketing, she is healthier, happier and less stressed.  She is financially free and has time-freedom that has ultimately enabled her to become a better, more involved, more engaged and more present mother to her children. Network Marketing has absolutely changed her life!

    Andrea’s words of wisdom are to never settle for the life you are living. You and your family deserve more, and YOU have to be the one to decide to go after it. You weren’t given dreams, hopes and desires to just think about them. You were given dreams, hopes, and desires to FULFILL them and, her industry will help you to do just that.

  • Diane Harkey

    Chairwoman, Board of Equalization, District 4



    Diane Harkey was elected in November 2014 to represent the State Board of Equalization's Fourth District. Harkey recently served three terms in the California State Assembly, representing the 73rd District, encompassing south Orange County.

    As Chairwoman of the State Board of Equalization, Diane capitalizes on her private and public sector experience to promote the rights and interests of all taxpayers. Harkey advocates for policies that support job creation in the private sector, improve California's state budget outlook, and reduce the burden of complying with government audits and various tax regulations.

    Diane believes that California must establish new policies that ensure future improvements in transportation, water, and other necessities, so our state can retain its place as one of the top-ranking economies in the world. Harkey works directly with other Board Members, the Governor's Administration, and the State Legislature to make California golden once again.

  • Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

    MSgt USAF Retired, CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc.



    As CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc., Eldonna Lewis Fernandez dispenses leadership, negotiation and communication training to corporate clients and small business owners internationally. Her business is built on a 23-year career as a contract specialist in the Air Force, where she negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of domestic and international contracts – everything from pens and paper to office machines, automotive parts and aircraft maintenance.

    After retiring from the Air Force, Eldonna spent 10 years as a contracts administrator, negotiator and systems analyst for aerospace companies such as Raytheon, Sparta and Parsons. She worked with Raytheon and the U.S. Navy on the F-18 Radar program, and with Sparta and Parsons on satellite launch programs for the Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base. Eldonna is one of 69 Toastmaster Accredited Speakers worldwide. She enlivens every keynote, workshop or breakout session with games or simulations. “You remember it because you are experiencing the information rather than passively listening to it,” she says.

  • Deanne Stidham

    Founder, LuLaRoe



    LuLaRoe co-founder DeAnne Stidham is at the helm of the world’s fastest growing retail apparel brand. Continuing to lead the company on the basic principles it was founded on in 2013 - I believe in you and you can do it - DeAnne focuses her time on motivating and educating the company’s vast network that includes tens of thousands of Independent Fashion Retailers who bring the style, comfort and simplicity of LuLaRoe to homes through America. A dedicated mother of seven and proud grandmother, DeAnne’s inherent entrepreneurship had previously created success with network-based marketing businesses that offered her the freedom and independence to provide for her family while allowing her to be a present parent. She and her husband, LuLaRoe CEO Mark Stidham, take pride in the flexibility that LuLaRoe offers other families to do the same.

    She formed her new company in 2013, naming it after her three oldest granddaughters, Lucy, Lola and Monroe.