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Real Sales Success Delivered Virtually
Sustained, Predictable, and Profitable Revenue Growth

About Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training / CCCVT (https://coronachamber.lightspeedvt.com/)

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Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training - delivers improved sales effectiveness through our unique blend of sales technology and experience, resulting in 68% better quota achievement. Our industry-leading methodology has helped more than 41,000 sales professionals find and close more deals, and our proven sales process makes your forecast and pipelines accurate by putting science behind it. And because on-the-job training is the most effective way to learn, our virtual training system is available to your sales team for daily use worldwide – reinforced by expert coaching. It all gets delivered through our CCCVT website - the on-demand application that enhances your existing selling system to produced sustained results.


The CCCVT System is a multi-million-dollar web-based interactive virtual training and communication platform that has been developed, enhanced and perfected for over 16-years.  It's an elaborate proprietary training and communication system.  It is designed to emulate what happens in a live training environment.  It tracks - monitors and measures everything the user does and has built-in, real-time reporting and notification features.


CCCVT solves these problems:


My revenue performance falls short of potential. We all know that a sales methodology can increase performance. The trick is getting it to be used in the first place and getting it to stick for long-term performance. By adding our sales process and CCCVT website, methodology becomes an automated, daily-use activity for your sales team. It’s guaranteed to help consistently create more opportunities that close more transactions and build customers for life.


Most classroom training is expensive and doesn’t produce sustainable results. 87% of skills are lost within one month of traditional Instructor-Led Training event.  (Our IL seminars are NOT traditional and don’t fall into the category of “most.”)  Our CCCVT System trains remotely in small, bite-sized pieces that are perfect for modern on-the-job training and dramatically improved absorption. Post-training … our CCCVT website integrates with your management team to offer on-demand training content at every step of the sales cycle to achieve daily reinforcement and long-term retention, supported by expert coaching.


Headquartered in Corona, California, the Corona Chamber Of Commerce Virtual Training – pushes for continuous improvement while investing heavily in its own methodology and technology center – LightSpeedVT.





Real Sales Success Delivered Virtually



A recent study has shown that people overwhelmingly favor an on-the-job training process over a time-consuming one or multi-day seminar. This preference is in part due to the almost 87% loss of knowledge and skills following a traditional (ours is NOT traditional) classroom event. Add the increasingly high cost of travel and current financial instability in our budgets; it then quickly becomes clear that a more efficient training method has to exist for companies to see a return on their training investment.


The importance of viewing sales effectiveness training as a process rather than an event, shows how the use of a technology platform like Corona Chamber Of Commerce Virtual Training - can enable sustained revenue and sales effectiveness improvements AND train and reinforce critical sales concepts, all without requiring large blocks of time or the high costs associated with travel.


Some of you will perhaps be in your first managerial role, looking to focus on what’s really important in the training needs of your company. Others may be more seasoned sales leaders at Owner, CEO, Managing Partner, or General Manager level tuning in to make sure you’re in step with the latest thinking and technologies. We provide something for the complete range of requirements, since the ideas and recommendations have applicability right up the leadership hierarchy. However, if you want to dig deeper or move wider, we urge you to get in touch with us individually. You can do this via email to: Linda@MyChamber.org.


Here are five main topics.


First, we’ll briefly look at traditional sales training and new insights into how people prefer to learn and retain skills and information. Second, we’ll go over The CCCVT Process, which was designed with these insights in mind. Third, we’ll discuss how the CCCVT System transfers knowledge remotely. Fourth, we’ll look at how knowledge and newly acquired skills are applied to your specific sales-team’s situation for greater retention. And finally, fifth, we’ll discuss how you can measure your team’s performance, apply solutions to problems, and identify where ongoing coaching is needed – all done virtually.


#1 - Sales Training and How People Learn


Traditional sales training is a cycle that goes something like this. A company finds a traditional training provider, pays for the actually training and travel costs, and then requires their sales teams to be away from their leads for 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 days. In the months that follow, each salesperson loses an average of 87% of the valuable skills and knowledge that had been crammed into a few days’ worth of traditional workshops, because of a lack of reinforcement. [Our live workshops are NOT traditional – our students enjoy a much higher STICK FACTOR – because we use Accelerated Training / Teaching Concepts & reinforcement – the previous statement is directed to “traditional” workshops].  Since the company knows the value of sales training, they will want their representatives to brush up on what they had learned – in effect, starting the sales training cycle again. With travel budgets being cut by most companies due to the current economy, on-site classroom events are becoming a less attractive option for sales training.


This is actually a good thing for companies looking for a greater return on their training investments. As mentioned briefly in the introduction, people largely favor on-the-job over classroom-based training. This preference becomes very pronounced when looking at the younger generations of X and Y. New workers entering the market today favor on-the-job training, by a margin of up to 83% over other options.


Those surveyed prefer training information in bite-sized chunks throughout the day instead of in large blocks of time, such as an eight-hour classroom. To many of us, this sounds familiar and is why we individually prefer to learn in short intervals and apply the knowledge immediately.


It turns out that beyond simply being preferred by most people, an on-the-job training method broken into small segments can save sales professionals a substantial amount of otherwise lost revenue. One company calculated that re-focusing as few as 10 ancillary minutes a week towards active selling could bring in an additional $57,000 a year per sales representative.


#2 - The CCCVT Process


Instead of less cost-effective classroom-based events, sales training should be a continual process that is applied to specific sales situations and backed-up by certification, measurement, expert coaching, and refresher training. This is The CCCVT Management Report Process.


The CCCVT Management Report Process, which CCCVT is built upon, continues far beyond where traditional sales training stops – the point where knowledge is transferred. Like traditional sales training, the Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training’s first steps are to define and design the sales training, and then align the key stakeholders before the actual training begins. The big difference between traditional classroom training and the Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training’s approach is how our CCCVT platform follows through with reinforcement and continually supports the salesperson throughout his or her sales cycle.


After initial training is completed, the learned knowledge is applied and reinforced every day by CCCVT as salespeople use the platform, through applying best practice in their deals and refreshing their knowledge. Certification tests are built directly into CCCVT and can be taken anytime, assuring management that sales representatives are truly training the skills and knowledge months after initial exposure to the material. The 87% of knowledge that is lost during traditional training is largely retained with CCCVT since the knowledge and skills are being reinforced and used every day.


Months after training is completed, continual automated measurement of salespeople’s activity spots weak areas that need additional coaching or training. For those areas that need reinforcement, sales professionals are reintroduced to the training material to build and refine the knowledge and skills they learned the first time around. Let’s look at each of the phases of the on-the-job training cycle to see how they work, and how to ensure success in a virtual delivery environment.


Knowledge Transfer


Taking several straight hours out of the day for training can be detrimental to our schedules and put us far behind where we want to be. Our normal days, however, are full of suspended moments perfect for a five- or six-minute training session or a certification test.


The CCCVT System’s proven on-the-job training approach, segmented into easily digestible segments, is available on-demand to sales teams worldwide. Each segment comes to the sales professional in a five to six-minute video lesson that can be consumed anytime throughout the week. This approach removes the need for travel expenditures to training events and allows individual sales representatives the ability to re-immerse themselves in the curriculum whenever their schedule allows.


After training a particular concept, built-in testing gives immediate feedback on the comprehension of that concept. Working through these individual segments, successful completion of the tests leads to certification on a given curriculum.  This simulates on-the-job application of the concepts. Further, these results are aggregated by the CCCVT System to make sure that the sales team is training what is required in whatever time frame is determined by management.


#3 - Knowledge Application


Since the amount we learn is less important than what we remember, CCCVT’s System relies heavily on actual ‘live’ account and opportunity reinforcement. After salespeople complete their certification, virtual coaching by experts is applied to specific sales situations. For first-line sales managers, this means hands-on assistance designed to strengthen the whole sales team.


With the help of expert sales coaching delivered by Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training - via telephone and Webinar, sales professionals and managers are walked through their opportunities and accounts so newly acquired skills and knowledge can be retained and applied directly to where they are needed most. As with the initial knowledge transfer phase, virtual delivery means eliminating the scheduling headaches and expense of face-to-face classroom events and allows for timely coaching to take place anywhere in the world, delivered by the same sales and subject matter experts that you’ve come to appreciate in the online videos.


Equally important, since CCCVT is used daily by sales professionals, the training reinforcement mentioned above is a continual process. We learn by doing, and in this case, doing the right thing repeatedly, prompted by the sales methodology, which is encapsulated in the CCCVT platform. As the sales professional does his or her job, skills and key points are highlighted in the application. For instance, key steps in the sales process are listed automatically for the sales professional to indicate that it’s been completed, started but not completed, or has not yet been started – a simple reminder of where they are in the sale, and what critical next steps are needed. This is just one example of how using the product itself providing continuous daily on-the-job training and reinforcement for sales professionals. Also included are all the elements of the CCCVT Coaching methodologies, which provide access as each element is required throughout the sales process.


#4 - Measurement and Coaching


Since a large part of sales training is in the application, it is important for management to measure and track how well individual salespeople are doing overall, and with specific skill development. CCCVT’s management capabilities, illustrate how measurement and coaching are accomplished. The steps a sales professional works on are tracked through the management window for observation, but also continual coaching. Early steps in the sales cycle that a professional might skip or do incorrectly might come back near the end to delay or even jeopardize the deal. With CCCVT, managers can spot and coach their salespeople through vital steps of the process that are essential for a successful sale.


With CCCVT’s Performance Coach Capability, the general health of each sales representative or group’s portfolio is broken down on the Managers Reports tab into pass, failed, and viewed categories. Depending on the length of time you consider an opportunity to be viewed and inactive, Manager Reports will group sales based on the total value of the training. This allows managers the ability to identify potentially problematic opportunities and accounts so they can coach individuals and groups on their inactive and viewed deals. Often, managers will be able to determine that a viewed course is due to a lack of skills in a particular area that needs refresher training. And since this information is available through the sales organization, representatives can also see the deficiencies in their approach and do their own course correction.


#5 – Identify Where Ongoing Coaching Is Needed


With the help of these measurement tools, managers can determine if and when refresher training is needed. Of course, not all of the training needs to be retaken in most cases. Managers are able to specify what segments and skills need to be covered again, and then simply send salespeople back to the CCCVT System to refresh themselves only on the required segments, and re-test as necessary.


Blended Training and the Impact on Sales Performance


By treating sales effectiveness as a process rather than an event, you have seen the importance of combining sales methodology, process, and a technology platform that can train, guide, and measure performance. But what’s the impact? Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training’s Manager Reports provides insight into that question and indicates that significant gains are the norm when methodology, process, and technology come together: 88% improvement in quota achievement, and large gains in deal close ratios.


These impacts are fully attainable with virtual delivery, as the economic demands of today often dictate. However, where budget is available and customers have a preference for face-to-face delivery in the form of tradition workshops, the Corona Chamber of Commerce Affiliate Trainer Program - is happy to offer optional workshops to combine with the CCCVT platform. In this blended environment, CCCVT still provides the same benefits throughout the sales effectiveness cycle. Knowledge transfer can still take place virtually, preparing and certifying salespeople before they enter the workshop to maximize its effectiveness. Post-training … the same on-the-job training aspects, measurement, and coaching tools combine to ensure that the work done in the classroom continues to be reinforced and measured to provide maximum ROI on your training investment.


Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training’s Advantage ROI


When considering sales training, we all know it’s important to keep in mind not only the total cost of training, but the total return on our investment. With travel costs rising and budgets tightening, the Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training’s platform is an immediate and cost-effective training solution for dedicated sales professionals.


We’ve covered the important difference between treating sales effectiveness as a process, rather than a disconnected series of classroom sales training events. We’ve learned how knowledge and skills are transferred in easily digestible pieces designed for better and faster acquisition. We discussed how expert coaches help you apply what was learned to your specific sales situation, followed by the daily use of CCCVT to reinforce concept application. Finally, we touched on how sales managers can easily measure the success and spot the weaknesses in their sales force.


Register today and explore how our unique sales methodology, sales process, and CCCVT technology can be combined to drive sales effectiveness in your organization. To find out more about Corona Chamber of Commerce Virtual Training’s sales effectiveness offerings, or anything else discussed in this report, please contact us at Linda@MyChamber.org.


Chamber members save $50 monthly!
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