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    Promoting Political Action for a Favorable Business Climate

    Our "watchdog," the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), is an invaluable resource to the Corona Chamber and its members. Composed completely of Chamber members, this volunteer committee's mission is to maintain a favorable business climate in Riverside County and the State. LAC discusses current issues and bills that affect business and make recommendations for Chamber members to then act upon. They assemble letter-writing campaigns, initiate discussions with legislators, and send representatives to speak on the floor during hearings in Sacramento. All funding for this advocacy program is provided by the proceeds of the prior year's Monte Carlo fundraiser. Membership in the Legislative Action Committee is selected to represent the business makeup of our service area.

    Save the dates:

    - Sacramento Summit: May 30-June 1, 2017

    - Washington, D.C. Summit: October 22-25, 2017 (optional extended trip begins October 20)

    **Check back for more information on the Summits. All attendees are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.**

    Meetings are held at 8am on the first Friday of each month and all members of the Chamber are welcome to attend. Click here to download the current agenda.


    2017 Chair: Dean Seif
    CARSTAR Allstar Collision, Inc.
    (951) 279-9161


  • Corona Chamber Takes on DC

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  • During our 2016 trip to Washington, DC, employers just like you met with California's legislative delegation in Washington, DC, the Governor's representative in Washington, the advocacy team from Riverside County Transportation Commission, US Chamber of Commerce and several other leaders. Each traveler paid a fee as well their own expenses for air, hotel, meals and transportation.  This year’s trip coincided with the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Washington DC provides an atmosphere of numerous monuments and museums that can occupy day after day visits. The walks to various monuments were especially solemn yet rewarding – our nation’s capital surely has some wonder sites. Our business included several meetings and we are highlighting five of the top discussions discussed:

    1. The issue of global security in the age of international terrorism is becoming an increasingly local challenge.

    While meeting with two of the world's leading experts in international terrorism and its effect on our allies and vulnerable minorities globally, we heard from Sebastian and Katie Gorka in a private briefing on the issues.  Over the last two years, the issues of international terrorism have crept from the major urban centers of just a few war torn countries into over 32 countries in the case of ISIS.

    In addition, we had a thorough and unique "friend of the base" briefing from the Missile Defense Agency in Fort Belvoir, VA.  This lengthy briefing gave a detailed overview of the incredible technology, innovation, and combined skill of thousands of highly trained engineers and military personnel (including many from NAVSEA Corona) to keep the world safe from rogue countries, terrorist organizations that may gain access to a missile, or countries interested in upsetting the global order.

    2. That NAVSEA Corona performs vital work for the safety of our military and the nation and is prized by our leaders.

    When we began these trips several years ago, while Rep. Ken Calvert and several key legislators were very knowledgeable about NAVSEA Corona, many were not.  In part because of our continued advocacy, the great work by over 1,000 personnel at the base is increasingly well known and protected by our leaders.

    3. Upcoming Department of Labor Rules on Overtime Exemption and Sick Leave Will Be Costly To Employers and Employees Alike.

    In meeting after meeting, we heard that the Obama Administration's new rules raising the salary cap required for employers to be allowed to be exempt from paying employers overtime will be costly to non-profits and for profit companies alike.  While time is running extremely short, just days after our visit the House of Representatives voted to delay the overtime exemption rule by six months (Rep Calvert R-Corona voting yes).  Unfortunately, the Senate adjourned for the election season without taking action so it looks like overtime exemption is taking effect December 1.

    4. The 91 Expansion Project is a National Model

    While roads all over town are torn up, the success so far of the 91 expansion project has Riverside County becoming a national model for effective infrastructure development projects and in our advocacy we found 100% support for the 15 expansion project which was submitted to federal officials while we were in Washington.

    5. The multi-year national Energy bill is closing in on becoming a reality.

    For three years, we as a Chamber at the national level, we have worked with the US Chamber, Rep. Ken Calvert, Rep. Mark Takano, US Senators Feinstein and Boxer and many others to pass a multiyear energy bill that will expand and protect wildlife while extending the ability of American companies to produce energy here in the United States.

    While in DC, it was announced that the bill is nearly complete with Congressional scrutiny and research and will be ready for action with both houses either in the lame duck session after the national elections or shortly after the next Congress is sworn in in January. 

    The Corona Chamber’s Legislative Action Outreach is funded through its annual Monte Carlo Extravaganza and other sponsorships. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Corona Chamber CEO Bobby Spiegel at work 951.737.3350, email Bobby@MyChamber.org or call his cell phone at 951.733.1836.

    2016 DC Summit attendees representing the Corona Chamber and business community were: Mark and Cheryl Peabody (Peabody Engineering); Jim Brown (Keller Williams Realty); Carolyn Corrao (Waste Management); Yolanda Carrillo (Corona-Norco Family YMCA); Randy and Karen Fox (City of Corona and Corona-Norco Rescue Mission) Elaine and Mark Norland (A Cone Zone); Dean Seif (CARSTAR Allstar Collision, Inc.); Jeff Gibson (Occidental Communications Group); and Bobby Spiegel (Corona Chamber).

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