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  • Representing the Interest of Business with Government
    Promoting Political Action for a Favorable Business Climate

    Our "watchdog," the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), is an invaluable resource to the Corona Chamber and its members. Composed completely of Chamber members, this volunteer committee's mission is to maintain a favorable business climate in Riverside County and the State. LAC discusses current issues and bills that affect business and make recommendations for Chamber members to then act upon. They assemble letter-writing campaigns, initiate discussions with legislators, and send representatives to speak on the floor during hearings in Sacramento. All funding for this advocacy program is provided by the proceeds of the prior year's Monte Carlo fundraiser. Membership in the Legislative Action Committee is selected to represent the business makeup of our service area.

    Started in 2017, the CORONA 2020 plan was enacted by the Corona Chamber in partnership with the City of Corona  to focus on three key areas of development: Employment | Health Care | Infrastructure. Working together, the community of Corona can help attract career building jobs, improve heath care, and continue to improve our public spaces and infrastructure. Our strategy is to analyze opportunities for Corona to improve, bring leaders together to share their expertise, and create measurable progress towards goals.

    By 2020:

    - The partnership will work with employers to attract or develop 7,000 jobs by the end of 2020. The average Corona worker commutes almost 36 minutes to and from work.

    - The partnership will work with physicians and leaders to attract up to 50 new practices here. Increasing the quality of care in Corona is vital to our future.

    - The partnership will work with leaders to eliminate 1,000,000 hours of traffic from local roads and the 91/15 corridor. Saving energy and wasted time will make every life better.

    Are you hiring for NEW net jobs? We're tracking job growth in Corona, so if you've added to your team since September 2017, please fill out this form so we can recognize you for your efforts in our growing community!

    Save the date:

    - Washington, D.C. Summit: September 23-26, 2018

    **All attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meal expenses, in addition to the registration fee.**

    Meetings are held at 8am on the first Friday of each month and all members of the Chamber are welcome to attend. Click here to download the current agenda/minutes.


    2018 Chair: Dean Seif
    CARSTAR Allstar Collision, Inc.
    (951) 279-9161

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